Tata’s Current Top Two

Here at the Tata Harper offices, we’re lucky ladies: we get to try and take home samples of our new products long before they hit the shelves. It’s always interesting to hear what products stick with certain people, and which ones become fast favorites of the entire team. Naturally, on any given day, Tata’s bagMore…

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We’re not about to pretend that face oils are the next big thing. They’ve been used for centuries for beautification; in fact, some records show that oils were so essential for moisture and protection, (especially as protection from the dry heat in Ancient Egypt) that oil was one of the basic commodities in which wagesMore…

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Common Cleansing Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Do you remember when you first started using a facial cleanser every day? It felt so cool, so real, so adult (and so necessary, ahem ahem pre-pubescent pores). I don’t know about you, but in the drugstore aisles, I veered towards whichever cleanser looked most fun. Neon blue? Floating orange dots? A headache-strong citrus scent?More…

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The Ultimate Autumn Natural Skincare Regimen

Surprise –  it’s October! (wait, how did that happen?) The telltale signs that autumn is going strong are as follows: it is no longer comfortable to forgo socks. We clutch at our mugs of tea and coffee each morning because we probably under-dressed for the weather. We scroll through photos of cozy woolen sweaters onMore…

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The Double Cleansing Method, Explained!

We’ve made a discovery here at the Tata Harper Headquarters that we’re finding ourselves telling everyone about – our sisters, our friends, our Twitter followers – because it’s made such a difference in the way our skin looks and feels. What’s our big secret? Double Cleansing. While yes, you may have seen this term poppingMore…

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Try a Sneak Peek of our NEW Cleansers!

We’re super excited to share with you the news that we are launching two new Cleansers this week – just a few days away! But before we hit “Go” on these exciting products, we wanted to give anyone who was curious an early sneak-peek in the form of 15ml Deluxe Samples, which are the perfect sizeMore…

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Your #AskTata Questions…Answered!

Phew, we received a lot of questions this round for Tata! But when it comes to questions about skin, beauty, health, etc – the more, the merrier. We could chat about this stuff all day, and so could Tata, as evidenced by the below. So, thanks for the opportunity to chat with you – we’llMore…

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