Skincare Resolutions You Should Follow in 2015

Image via Happy New Year! I hope you 2015 kicked off with a celebration! Time to review old habits and implement better choices. For a special New Year’s post, we are revealing some of the best Skincare Resolutions you should follow in 2015! Let’s start with the most important one: take time to care forMore…

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6 Unexpected Ways to Use Your Tata Harper Products

Photo via Here at Tata Harper Skincare, we are always developing the best 100% natural skincare and cosmetic products to achieve incredible results for your skin. Because our products are packed with so many amazing ingredients, sometimes they do more than just “Cleanse” or “Moisturize” – they’re truly multi-taskers that have a lot ofMore…

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How to Make Your Own Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is a daily staple in our office life: we have an impressive variety of types and flavors, ranging from Refreshing Mint to Kava Stress Relief to Morning Thunder (which, as you might be able to guess, is a powerful caffeinated blend). Hugging a warm mug of tea between your hands is just aboutMore…

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How the Skin Works (And What This Means for Your Routine)

Image via Our bodies are remarkably intelligent. In this highly technical era, it’s nice to remind myself that some essential things don’t need to be plugged in to work. Our bodies function through multiple systems and organs, and quite often these systems run involuntarily! Take a moment and let that sink in… no batteries,More…

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