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Tata Recommends: The Best Natural Skincare Products for Mature Skin

Mature is a skin type I am very familiar with as the majority of my clients have mature skin and are looking for fine lines and moisture solutions… plus a little glow. Who isn’t? 

The first tip in any healthy skincare routine is to love your skin, and mature skin is great. I loved what Cameron Diaz had to say in “The Body Book” about the anti aging culture and honoring the journey of older women by not upholding the expectation to defy age. We should celebrate the way we look! I too believe that in that philosophy and I love her approach to body and skin confidence. Without trying revert back entirely to our skin at eighteen years old, there are some things we can do to be kind to our skin and make it its healthiest and most radiant ever at no matter what age by taking care of it, every day.

And speaking of taking great care, if you have mature skin and are starting to see drastic changes in your skin, NOW is the time to get serious about taking care in all other areas. Adequate sleep, being in nature with fresh clean air, gut health and nutrition, hydration, even meditation (for reduced stress) can all positively affect the appearance of your skin. Being on the exterior, our skin certainly receives the most attention amongst all the body’s major organs but if you were to read about the body’s other systems and start incorporating overall health oriented practices in your day, I guarantee you would see changes you wouldn’t believe in your skin as well.

Below are my suggestions for a natural and nontoxic skin care routine for mature skin. 

1) Moisture is so key so from step 1 all the way to step five I will be making recommendations that are designed to keep your skin supremely moisturized. Wash your face twice a day with our Regenerating Cleanser. Free of soaps, alcohols and detergents, this cleanser clarifies with fresh enzymes, clays and essential oils, while microspherical beads polish the skin – all without stripping the skin of moisture. Apply 2-3 pumps. Massage gently to activate the enzymes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

2) Get the appearance of smoother, healthier, brighter skin with our Resurfacing MaskPeels are great for giving us the appearance of radiant skin but we can’t afford to wait for a spa day to glow the way we were intended to. This award-winning beta-hydroxy treatment works like a traditional peel to provide an instant solution for dull skin – without causing downtime or irritation. It delivers an instant glow, minimizes the appearance of pores and improves texture for smooth, glowing skin. You’ll love the marmalade texture and juicy scent. Putting it on is a treat, not a hassle. 

3) This is our hero product in the mature skin regimen- our Rejuvenating Serum. This serum is packed with 29 active natural ingredients that help reinforce collagen production, reduce the signs of aging, minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores and hydrate your skin to the high heavens. It promotes a firm, youthful look, while supporting elasticity and helping to protect the skin from environmental damage. 

4) Again, moisture is key! We’ll say it again and again.You want a moisturizer that’s going to deliver hydration and plump the skin giving it that cushion-y look. Keeping hydrated is also going to help with this! I believe in products with quality Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid because this ingredient delivers antiaging hydration deep in the skin to support a plump, youthful cushion while stimulating natural moisture production. It’s one of the most efficient ways to moisturize and preserve the skin’s integrity. Our Repairative Moisturizer is powered by this high performance ingredient as well as raw honey from our farm which is deeply nourishing and soothing.

5) Don’t forget the eyes and the lips. The skin around these areas is the most delicate on the entire body and often goes uncared for. It’s usually where fine lines, wrinkles and hollow skin appear most. Both our Restorative Eye Creme and Lip Treatments have Spanish Lavender which minimizes expression lines and deep wrinkles, helps to firm appearance of the eyelid, and reduces signs of fatigue and stress which we show in both areas.

Have more questions about creating a natural and nontoxic skincare routine for mature skin? Ask me on Facebook or twitter!


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Tata Recommends: Best Natural Skincare Products for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin… consider yourself lucky!

The first tip in any healthy skincare routine is to love your skin and oily skin is great. Yes, I’ll admit it gets a bad rap. Why? It doesn’t always give the desired look women want in photos and sometimes it can lead to clogged pores which can then lead to breakouts but instead of focusing on the flaws (we’ll get to solutions for them soon), let’s consider and appreciate its virtues while I share a natural skincare routine for oily skin along the way.

One of the greatest benefits of oily skin is that the oil gland secretion delivers Vitamin E to the skin, according to a 1999 study reported in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. This means: the more oil you produce, the more vitamin E gets delivered, which gives your skin protection from environmental damage and the sun. You still need sunscreen, but you’re armed with an added anti aging shield thanks to your naturally oily skin. Oily skin also tends to be thicker so it can handle more intense weather and let’s not forget, for cosmetic purposes, it also gives the appearance of a built-in glow. Remember, many people spend money on trying to achieve that look!

The skincare routine I want to recommend for oily skin is intended to keep your moisture-barrier intact and not strip the healthy oil from your face but to help with balancing excess production that could be due to a hormonal imbalance, changes in weather or the cosmetics you’re using. 

1) Wash your face twice a day. You want to avoid stripping your skin of its protective oil so you want a cleanser that’s free of soaps or detergents, which strip away all traces of oil, leaving your skin’s natural balance out of whack. Our Regenerating Cleanser is going to obliterate grease and excess oil without leaving your skin dry and parched- which will then cause oil glands to overcompensate. Apply 2-3 pumps of the Regenerating Cleanser to dry skin. Massage gently to activate the enzymes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

2) Exfoliate twice a week to loosen buildup and remove dirt and oil from your pores. Our Resurfacing Mask provides physical and chemical exfoliation as pomegranate enzymes provide deep cleansing and pore minimization and french pink clay reduces the appearance of pores and helps detoxify skin. Apply a thick layer to clean skin. Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. In the summer, I would try our New Soothing Apricot version because it has the same benefits of our original mask but its boosted with Apricot Stem Cells to promote cellular renewal and its soothing and cooling… and did I mention it smells delicious? Like a fresh piece of fruit!

3) I recommend just a pea size of our Rejuvenating Serum over entire face and neck in the morning and at night to those with oily skin. Sometimes, people are hesitant to add another layer but you’ll see that this serum absorbs so rapidly that it doesn’t sit on the skin. It goes in quickly and delivers high performance anti aging benefits to the skin with its water based delivery system.

4) For lightweight moisture, apply 1-2 pumps of Rebuilding Moisturizer over face and neck for a silky-matte finish. This is another oil-free, water based formula.

5) The Restorative Eye Creme is amazing for all skin types because it has an extremely lightweight feel and goes absorbs quickly. It won’t sit on the skin or make makeup slide off later in the day. Add 1/2 pea size amount around the entire eye area – upper and lower lid – to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness.

6) The Replenishing Nutrient Complex is an unexpected product for oily skin types, but it dramatically helps balance sebum production for skin that’s less oily in the long-term. Plus, it gives a luminous, nourished glow.

Have more questions about creating a natural and nontoxic skincare routine for oily skin? Ask me on Facebook or twitter!


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Tata Recommends: Best Natural Skincare Products for Combination Skin

You have combination skin. If there was such thing as “normal” skin, this is it… experts say this is the most common skincare type amongst women!

If you fall under the combination skin category, it’s likely that you may have and oily T-zone, dry patches on the cheeks, medium pores, a smooth texture and a healthy tone, which is a sign of healthy circulation (that is something to be happy about). Through my personal experiences traveling the world and speaking to women about their glow, their breakouts, their dark circles and rosy cheeks, what I have found to be true is that combination has its unique characteristics and individual needs that sometimes fall outside what a typical combo skincare routine looks like and so combination skin often doesn’t get the full attention it deserves. Upon examination skin, I’ll often find that combination skin has blackheads, broken capillaries, dull tone and sometimes mild rosacea. This isn’t about going looking for flaws, this is about taking skin that’s already beautiful and allowing it to glow in its most healthy, balanced state.

In the regimen below, I’ll suggest an all encompassing regimen for “combination skin” and then make some additional recommendations for areas where combination skin could experience problems.

1) Use the Regenerating Cleanser as your daily face face wash. This cleanser couldn’t be more perfect for you. It’s going to soften the dry patches on your cheeks thanks to apricot seed powder to reveal smooth and glowing skin. This formula also has aloe leaf juice powder and that will hydrate and repair tissue damage. It’s not going to strip your natural moisture barrier because its completely formulated without surfactants, sulfates or any other foaming agents. Why is this important? When you’re taking more moisture and oil out of the skin than necessary, your skin needs to overcompensate and replenish itself and it does so by delivering extra oil which is what we see in the t-zone.

2) My belief is that layering multiple lightweight products for combination skin is better than using one heavy product. We all know moisture is key in an antiaging routine and it keeps the skin resilient. After you cleanse, you’ll want to spritz our Hydrating Floral Essence 4-5 times over your entire face and that’s going to give you another layer of moisture. The pure essential oils inside, jasmine and tangerine, restore tone, soothe and reduce redness and even out your tone.


3) While the skin is still damp from spritzing your floral, apply a thin layer of Rejuvenating Serum all over. This is your daily antiaging collagen treatment and I recommend it to everyone, not just those with combination skin. It’s powered by Hyaluronic Acid, which is rich in antioxidants and vitamins ,for a visibly healthier, more radiant appearance. Our serum promotes a firm, youthful look, while supporting elasticity and helping to protect the skin from environmental damage.


4) Our Rebuilding Moisturizer is best for combination skin because it provides deep hydration with a matte finish. Plus, it has willow bark and meadosweet which help encourage cellular renewal and sloughs off dead skin, revealing more luminous, healthy-looking skin. Apply two pumps to the entire face and neck after your Rejuvenating Serum.


5) The Resurfacing Mask is a miracle worker for combination skin, because it does a little bit of everything. It totally exfoliates and decongests the top layer of the skin for a refreshed look and softer skin. It tightens and minimizes pores, reduces redness, and fights breakout with Willow Bark, a natural form of salyclic acid. It’s tough enough that it really works, but it’s gentle and non-irritating, too. Essentially, it does the work of a peel to immediately improve appearance, but without the downtime or irritation. Use it three times in one week to regulate sebum production and get skin back to a healthy balance (it will glow, guaranteed), and then in the weeks following, just once a week. Layer it on clean skin and let it fully dry; leave on for 20-30 minutes and rinse off.


6) I simply have to recommend our  Concentrated Brightening Serum, a powerful treatment that is super targeted to treat hyperpigmentation and dark spots. This falls in the combination category because often people with combination skin are working to heal their complexions from darkness left over by acne, or from unwanted freckles or sun spots. This serum has a complex of ingredients that fight the entire cascade of the events within the layers of the skin that form a dark spot, to effectively reduce existing darkness and prevent new ones from forming. Apply it as a special nighttime treatment in a thick layer before bed, or spread it on targeted concern areas.


7) Last but never least is our Replenishing Nutrient Complex. If you have combination skin and are only interested in trying out one product, this is it! This is an incredibly powerful balancing and healing facial oil serum that penetrates the skin quickly and leaves it feeling non-greasy and nourished. Sometimes I wonder if there’s anything this product can’t do. It helps regulate excess oil production, helps heal the appearance of scars, calms inflammation and reduces irritation, and its high concentration of Rosehip Seed Oil infuses the skin with a healthy glow. Roll a thin layer over your skin as the last step, and load it on extra thick overnight for a luxuriously hydrating treatment.


Have more questions about creating a natural and nontoxic skincare routine for combination skin? Ask me on Facebook or twitter!


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Call it Love…
photo (6)

I just can’t get enough of my favorite morning juice and even more than I love the sweet, succulent taste, I l-o-v-e how it makes me feel. There was a time when I would drink an extra large ice coffee every day just to get the ol’ motherboard firing. Can you relate? By 3PM I would crash and reboot with an extraordinary ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie the size of a hockey puck. I’m not going to mislead you, that cookie was beyond delicious and I miss it dearly but there is no denying the fact that I have much more energy since replacing my daily caffeine jolt with this healthier (and tastier) vibrant poppy-pink drink alternative.

You, too, will love the way it tastes and fuels your body for the day but there’s other benefits I experienced that you’ll be happy to discover as well. I didn’t start drinking it because it looks amazing in a mason jar (doesn’t it though?) and I wasn’t looking for a coffee replacement, I was looking for more ways to reduce the appearance of 11 wrinkles between the brows AKA grumpy cat wrinkles. I’ve really stepped up my antiaging skincare routine to help with this area but I wanted to take it a step further by looking into the source of the wrinkle a little deeper.


Lately, I have been voraciously consuming education about healing foods and gut health because I have a curiosity for it. Borrowing face reading principles, I looked to a face chart to see where an internal connection could be made. The two vertical lines between the eyebrows can signal issues with the liver and kidneys, which can be caused by rich foods, heavy oils, caffeine (you don’t say…) and without knowing whether or not that was indeed my unique situation, I just decided to switch out coffee for watermelon as an experiment. Since watermelon is rich in lycopene, it’s a great detoxifier for these two vital organs. I use watermelon in my pure love juice recipe below and enjoy this drink twice a day! Aside from having more balanced energy and supremely hydrated skin, truth be told, I am starting to see the 11s diminish further. Whether you’re looking for an amazing summer treat to sip on or are curious too about how healing foods can lend to your skincare routine, I think you will fall hard for the recipe below. Enjoy!


What you’ll need: 

High speed blender. I use my nutribullet.

1/2 one ripe organic seedless watermelon. Look for non GMO.

Handful of fresh organic raspberries

5 fresh, organic mint leaves

1/4 of a cup Santa Cruz pure organic lemon juice

1/2 cup of ice

Chop up watermelon with love and add all ingredients to blender. Keep the ice on the bottom. You don’t need any water for this recipe since the watermelon is full of it. Blend up, service in a tall cup or jar and enjoy. A mint garnish might make you feel a little special on a Monday morning. Try it!

Jenna’s Skincare Favorites

Rejuvenating Serum
Boosted Contouring Serum
Regenerating Cleanser
Soothing Apricot Resurfacing Mask


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Meet your Summer Skin Savior… the Soothing Apricot Resurfacing Mask!

Our Resurfacing Mask is a go-to favorite, a hands-down hero product and a consistent best-seller. It’s pretty much perfect! But, we decided to take it to the next level for summertime, so we created a Limited-Edition formula with a new cocktail of high performance actives that give the classic formula a little bit of a kick. We wanted something that was perfect for summer: for heat, for sun exposure, and for keeping our skin glowy, soft and refreshed despite getting barraged by wind, salt water, pollution, sunscreen, etc etc.

Meet the Soothing Apricot Resurfacing Mask, which we like to say is a “tall glass of water for the skin”. It literally feels that good!

We added a cocktail of Apricot Stem Cells and Coconut Water to this mask, both of which have fantastic benefits for skin in summer months.

Apricot Stem cells add powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits; this ingredient reduces redness, promotes an even tone and boosts skin tolerance. It does this by acting at two different levels of the skin’s inflammatory system in the dermis and epidermis, to fight back the inflamed elements and promote calmness. (Note: Skin tolerance is an important thing in the summer, when we’re all maximizing outdoors-time. It really means that your skin is strong and resilient, and less prone to detrimental effects caused by environmental factors like those listed above. Strong skin looks better for longer, while weak or compromised skin shows its age sooner.)

Coconut Water is a drink that we all love to guzzle at the beach, but the skin loves to drink it up too; it quenches dehydration and adds a burst of high performance hydration. It also helps to preserve moisture in the skin, and decreases skin roughness, and boosts cellular renewal. In a nutshell: ultimate skin refreshment!

May we recommend that you pop this Mask in the fridge 30 minutes before you want to use it? When cooled, the Mask will feel even better, instantly refreshing and calming the skin after a hot day. Delish! The base formula of this Mask is the same as our classic Resurfacing Mask, which works like a traditional peel to provide an instant solution for dull skin – without causing downtime or irritation. It delivers instant glow, minimizes the appearance of pores and improves texture, making it the perfect easy Mask treatment for just before a night out.

Check it out here! 

Love your Apricot Mask? Be sure to take a photo of it on Instagram and tag us @tataharper. If we love it, we’ll re-gram it! ;)

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