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5 Beauty Tips from Celeb Makeup Artist Katey Denno!
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We’re ever-endeavoring to provide answers to your most pressing natural beauty Q’s, so we thought we’d tackle this question that’s been coming up a lot lately…

“I’m ready to switch up my look a little and am looking for natural & nontoxic makeup solutions. What are some tips?”

We decided to enlist the help of our friend and celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno, who has worked her makeup magic on stars ranging from Amanda Seyfreid to Mindy Kaling and Lena Dunham, to teach us all how we can get better results from our makeup – and keep our routine natural & nontoxic – by adapting some of these tips and tricks, where skincare can moonlight as healthy makeup. Thanks for sharing, Katey!


1. Exfoliate for Glow
“In order to get skin really ready to bare it all (clear and glowing without foundation!), spend a little extra time on exfoliating at night. First, use Tata’s Resurfacing Mask once a week, and Tata’s Regenerating Cleanser daily. The Mask will loosen hard-to-remove dead skin cells that cause that flat, lifeless appearance, and the Cleanser will whisk it all away.”

2. Make Your Own BB Cream!

“Blend a few drops of your foundation into your Rejuvenating Serum for an even better than a tinted moisturizer effect. Essentially making your own BB cream, you’ll ensure that you get the best in skin care, and your perfect shade of coverage.”

3. Blend Better…

“To give yourself a really luxe foundation application experience, thoroughly mist your beautyblender® with Tata’s Hydrating Floral Essence, and use the dampened sponge to gently press your foundation into your skin, while lifting off excess – leaving behind perfectly flawless skin tone and texture.”

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4. Instantly Refresh!

“At the end of a long day, when you have very little time to refresh your face, roll some Replenishing Nutrient Complex onto clean fingertips and press the product into the highlight areas of your face: along cheekbones, bridge of nose, and the cupid’s bow just above the center of the upper lip.”

Tata’s tip: this product also works wonderfully as an eye makeup remover!

5. Finishing Touches: Body Glow!

“This summer, after you’ve spent time perfecting the skin on your face, don’t forget about the skin on your arms, legs, and décollaté! Blend a few drops of your foundation (or one made for body) into Tata’s amazing Revitalizing Body Oil and watch the reactions of your friends as you walk into the room in a sundress!”

And of course, we couldn’t finish off the post without mentioning Tata’s favorite tip: using the Be Adored lip treatment as a dewy cheek tint! Dab a little onto the apple of your cheek and spread lightly to get the perfect shade of raspberry-pink. Then apply to the lips for some matching color!

All photos courtesy of Katey Denno.

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Best Natural Skincare Practices for Your 30′s
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Last week, we talked about best skincare practices in your 20′s – now, let’s move on to the 30′s! This is when stuff really starts to get interesting, and it’s when the effects of the skincare practices you’ve maintained through your teens and twenties start to make a difference (so no, all of that preventative care won’t go unrewarded!) Let’s dig in to the details, shall we?

Skincare in Your 30′s

Is there a main type of product or daily routine strategy I should keep in my mind in my 30′s?

Your early 30′s are the perfect time to start supporting collagen production and elasticity with products that contain ingredients that boost collagen health and strength. Our 30′s is when the skin starts to actively age, and wrinkles start to become visible as our natural collagen formation slows down. Our collagen fibers are what keep skin plump, firm and looking youthful. We recommend starting to use a product twice daily to protect and stimulate collagen, across the entire face (and the neck!). Within our product line, the best product for this is the Rejuvenating Serum – a multitasking antiaging collagen treatment that boosts 3 types of collagen to support elasticity, firmness and volume.

Another key antiaging strategy point is to continue to incorporate protection, since environmental exposure and sun damage really begin to make a difference – SPF is key (we love this brand), as is avoiding consumption of things that can dry the skin from the inside out – like coffee, sodas, sugars, highly processed foods and alcohol (instead, work on incorporating fresh greens, foods with beta carotene and essential fatty acids into your daily diet). Plus, a topical protective multivitamin oil is great for reducing the effects of environmental exposure – generally pollution, wind, and any toxins carried in the air. We love our Replenishing Nutrient Complex for this key daily function.

What’s the best strategy for women who are still battling blemishes or combination skin? 

Skin imbalances at this age are often caused by stress or hormones, so battling these issues with topical products can be a challenge, and we usually recommend seeking more holistic lifestyle and health approach to a long-term solution. That said, there are a few things that can help keep the skin under control, like a Clarisonic brush, which helps keep the skin totally decongested and free of dead skin and buildup. Avoid cleansers with soaps and detergents, as these can strip the skin and actually exacerbate oil problems. A spot-treatment to keep smaller problem areas under control is great – our Resurfacing Mask contains Willow Bark, a natural form of salyclic acid that fights breakout bacteria, reduces redness and minimizes inflammation. Dab a little on a problem area and leave overnight.

What are good ingredients to look for in skincare products?

First, ingredients that promote deep hydration, to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay, like Hyaluronic Acid, and fine lightweight oils, like jojoba, calendula, acai or sunflower. Another type of ingredient to look for would be neuropeptides, which when applied topically, reduce wrinkle-causing muscle contractions. These ingredients represent the latest in natural antiaging skincare technology- they include Spanish Lavender extract, Narcissus Bulb extract,

What are the best types of facials or special treatments for this age group?

Treatments that help reinforce the skin’s internal strength and collagen structure are the best, to set you skin up for long-term resilience and a plump appearance! While they may be appealing due to the instant brightening results they offer, intense acid peels can be degrading to the skin’s strength when used often, and have the opposite effect of reinforcing the skin’s integrity. Instead, look for treatments that hydrate, nourish, boost collagen and fortify the skin. We recommend monthly treatments at this age – but what’s key is finding a daily skincare regimen that covers all of the antiaging basics, to keep your skin in fantastic shape long-term.

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Skincare for Beautiful Skin at Every Age: 20′s

Tata just returned from a trip to the West Coast, where she visited stores, chatted with clients, and gave mini facials and skincare recommendations to women of all ages. One question that came up often was: What’s the best skincare routine for women of my age? Other versions of this question included, What ingredients should I be looking for? and How often should I be getting facials?

Since the answer to these questions vary across age ranges, we thought we’d put together a rough set of guidelines for skincare at each age, to ensure that skin is getting what it needs to be balanced, glowing, and youthful. Of course, these recommendations may not be for everyone, as they may not apply for certain skin conditions, but broadly, it’s helpful to look at what is happening internally in the skin’s structure at different ages, as those processes are fairly universal. So let’s get started with…

Skincare in Your 20′s

If I’m in my 20′s, what are my aging concerns?

Since most skin types start to show signs of aging in the early to middle 30′s, your 20′s are really the prime years to begin action to prevent those signs of aging from appearing. In your 20′s, the skin is still resilient, youthful, supple, with a strong collagen network and balanced hydration. The most important thing is to preserve all of these aspects first by avoiding sun damage with SPF – this will keep fine lines and subtle spots at bay for longer.

Another element to pay attention to in your 20′s is deep moisture: while at this age, your skin may feel plump and moisturized all day after just one application in the morning, as we age, our skin’s ability to retain hydration and produce it in the deeper layers of our skin starts to disappear, even as early as in your 30′s, leading to lines and loss of volume. Starting early with supporting the skin’s natural hydration process with natural Hyaluronic Acid is a great idea, like our Hydrating Floral Essence. HA penetrates to deliver moisture, plus it helps the skin retain 4x as much hydration as without it.

What if I’m still battling breakouts?

We recommend natural salicylic acid to help control outbreaks, which can be found in Willow Bark – an active ingredient in our Resurfacing Mask. Also, regular exfoliation helps keep the skin clear by removing dead skin buildup; plus, try using a face oil (like our Replenishing Nutrient Complex); not only will this help balance excess oil production, but its super-nourishing formula helps soothe and reduce lasting irritation, redness and spots left from previous problems.

At this age, the key is to manage your breakouts without keeping the skin stripped and dry with soaps or detergents, which are often in found in daily cleansers for oily or combination skin types. When used long-term, these stripping ingredients can disrupt the moisture barrier while weakening the skin and overall contributing to signs of aging!

How often should I be getting facials?

As a rule of thumb, we believe that monthly facials are a good idea at any age. In your 20′s, cleansing facials are best, to keep skin clean, decongested and balanced. At this age, moisture and oil imbalances are common, so giving the skin a fresh start once a month is a good idea.

How about supplements?

We recommend Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, and antioxidants like Tumeric, at this age, to generally support skin health from the inside out.


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Beauty from Within: Blueberry, Kiwi and Cilantro Smoothie

Summer Sanders‘ diet just might be the healthiest, most Pinterest and Instagram-worthy we’ve ever seen. Raw fruits and veggies and superfoods daily? Yes, absolutely.

I don’t know about you, but in Vermont we are buried under 2 feet of snow. When winter strikes and it should be spring, it’s hard to feel inspired to stay healthy and keep your fridge full of fresh stuff versus hibernating foods like scones. So, we reached out to Summer for some edible inspiration. She’s a Certified Raw Food Chef, Sports Nutritionist, and is a personal trainer, not to mention foodie extraordinaire; learn more about her here! Here’s a recipe that she loves and wanted to share with us. Enjoy!


“I love this smoothie because it’s fresh, hydrating and full of powerful anti-oxidants. Cucumber is my favorite skin food, it’s my go to! After a long night out, travel, a workout…whatever the case, just add cucumber! I also love adding cilantro to my smoothies, it a heavy metal cleanser. You can make this smoothie a little creamier by adding 1/4 of an avocado, another super skin saver!” – Summer



1/2 cup raw almond milk

1 medium cucumber, peeled and chopped

1/2 cup of blueberries, fresh or frozen

1/2 lemon, peeled

1 small bunch cilantro, stems included

1/2 banana

1 kiwi, peeled

1/4 avocado (optional)



Blend in your high speed blender and serve!




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Beauty from Within: Glowing Goddess Green Smoothie Recipe

Is it just us, or do green smoothies and green juices seem to be all the rage these days? Here’s another one, and this one, we really swear by. Developed by the founders of Sakara(if you haven’t heard of it, click here to discover why their food cleanse service inspiring and unique, and what all the fuss is about), this recipe is all about GLOW, from inside out. Plus, it makes you feel like you are in the caribbean, even if you are really in the middle of winter in Vermont, like us.

Glowing Goddess Green Smoothie 

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

1/4 cup coconut water

3/4 cup pineapple chunks

1/2 organic frozen banana

1 teaspoon organic peeled & diced ginger

1 tbs. bee pollen

1 tbs. flax seeds

Handful of organic spinach greens

Raw, organic honey, to taste

Pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt




Blend all ingredients except for the Bee Pollen in a high speed blender. Taste and adjust honey if desired. Serve in your favorite glass jar, sprinkle with bee pollen, and let the glowing begin!

Many thanks to Whitney and Danielle, at Sakara, who sent us this recipe! Sakara Life is an organic meal delivery program based on a whole-food, plant-rich diet that includes fresh, nutrient-dense and delicious foods. It’s all about finding health and happiness through internal, dietary balance. They’re based in New York, but you can have their cleanses delivered anywhere!


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