McKel from Nutrition Stripped Holiday Gift Guide / Tata Harper Blog

Holiday Gift Guide: McKel of Nutrition Stripped

In the next installment of our Holiday Gift Guides we are so excited to have McKel of Nutrition Stripped here today. If we are ever in need of recipe inspiration or seeking out tips on healthy living McKel is often our answer.  From sharing a delicious vegetarian dinner recipe to breaking down all the vitaminsMore…

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Tata Harper's List of Holiday Gifts on Angel Road Blog

Holiday Gift Guide: Tata Harper

It’s no secret – I love shopping for holiday gifts for others. It’s always been a strong suit of mine, I think because I love to pay attention to what my friends and family are really into and what makes them happy, and I try to draw on those memories when I’m shopping for gifts.More…

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Interview with Clare Vivier, Clare V Double Clutch & Tata Harper Giveaway

Clare Vivier – Interview & Giveaway

There is nothing we love more than a fellow woman in business, and therefor, Clare Vivier is on the top of our list of women we love! If someone told me that I could only buy all my handbags and accessories from one company, Clare V would be my choice, hands down. Clare’s collection of clutches, handbagsMore…

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Tata Harper's Favorite Items for November, Angel Road Blog.

A Few of My Favorite Things…

There are so many reasons to love autumn in Vermont: the spectacular foliage unfolding on the hills around our farm, the mornings spent pulling out sweaters and fluffy socks from the closet, the dramatic evening light that warms our dining room just in time for dinner. The kids love it, too – crunching in the fallenMore…

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Quick Facts, Reading Suggestions, Screening and Nutrition on Angle Road Blog by Tata Harper Skincare

Breast Cancer Awareness

As October is annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to take the time out of our regular posts here on Angel Road to talk about this important, albeit sensitive topic. Today many of us know one or more people who have or have been effected by cancer. There is such a large range of informationMore…

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Tata Harper's Trip to Europe

My Trip to Europe: A Photo Scrapbook

Vienna, Helsinki, London, Paris – what a beautiful whirlwind of tea shops, historic landmarks, inspiring museums and the finest beauty boutiques and department stores in Europe. This trip was, for me, an indulgence in so many things I love: modern art, priceless antiques, new and old friends, fine foods, Parisian tea, and, of course, naturalMore…

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