Behind the Scenes Photos from our Open Lab Event!
News, Photos   //  08/05/14
TATA HARPER Hosts a Cocktail Event with LAKE BELL to Celebrate the Launch of the OPEN LAB PROGRAM

Last Wednesday at 5 pm, our Marketing, Events and PR team was in full-speed event-preparation mode. As we counted down the last sixty minutes until the start of our Open Lab and Traceability Program launch event (6 pm!), we rushed around our event space in the South Street Seaport area of Manhattan to make it look perfect. Posters went up, projectors were plugged in, wine bottles un-corked, high-heels put on, and charming blooms from Taylor Tomasi Hill were scattered about the space for the perfect natural ambiance. And then, at 6 pm , we were able to look around the room with satisfaction at the final effect. A jazz trio played energetic music near the door, and fresh flowers hung from the ceiling in front of a panel of logo fabric.

The first guests began to arrive, and we spent the next two hours immersed in our virtual Open Lab, with two hands-on skincare stations where we had two lab experts from Vermont present, Jon and Amanda, to help guests experience what it is that makes our skincare so unique.

The Open Lab Program is our way of connecting consumer with creation, and of giving our customers and community a way to really complete their skincare experience: to discover the who, why, where and how behind their skincare. We believe that when it comes to your daily skincare, the fewer mysteries, the better. By sharing a way for customers to trace their particular bottle of skincare back to the date it was created – and to virtually meet who it was that created their product – we’re lifting the curtain to our world of honest manufacturing here in Vermont. Plus, we’re sharing stories from our lab with our Product Editions – you can learn more about those here.

Long story short, we’re inviting you into our world with videos, photos and testimonials from our Vermont team. We’re a company that’s focused on what we believe really matters, which is inventing and manufacturing the world’s finest natural skincare in the world. You can learn everything you need to know about this program, and what it means for you, here! 

Now, back to the event. Explore photos below!

(You can always see more on Tata’s Worldhere.)










TATA HARPER Hosts a Cocktail Event with LAKE BELL to Celebrate the Launch of the OPEN LAB PROGRAM




TATA HARPER Hosts a Cocktail Event with LAKE BELL to Celebrate the Launch of the OPEN LAB PROGRAM


For more photos, visit Tata’s World! 


Introducing Tata Harper at Hotel Matilda
News   //  06/27/14

Nestled in the colonial-classic, charming Mexican city of San Miguel de Allende (or so stated by Conde Nast Traveler, whose readers voted it the #1 city in the world in 2013!) is a contemporary, boutique luxury hotel like no other… Hotel Matilda, which has won awards and accolades for its cuisine, design and culture. We are so happy to share the news that our Tata Harper products are now available in the hotel! (which, according to our Beauty Ambassadors who have traveled to Matilda to train its lovely staff, is simply jaw-droppingly beautiful)! Spa Matilda Treatment Room Here’s a bit of info on the Hotel: Hotel Matilda established its innovative and iconoclastic credentials from the beginning by offering an alternative travel experience – the ‘Matilda Lifestyle.’  Instead of the typical colonial décor, an art-gallery-like modern ambience was created, filled with an eclectic collection of dramatic works by contemporary artists.  In this artsy setting, guests stay in designer rooms and suites, enjoy singular spa experiences, dine on extraordinary haute cuisine, and sip cocktails in a popular lounge known for its creative mixology. 

Maybe on your next vacation south of the border, you can stop by this beautiful destination to pick up some Tata Harper products, and learn about this hotel and spa’s innovative, natural approach to luxury and beauty!

Hotel Matilda (Design Hotels Image)

Meet your Summer Skin Savior… the Soothing Apricot Resurfacing Mask!
Beauty, News   //  06/24/14

Our Resurfacing Mask is a go-to favorite, a hands-down hero product and a consistent best-seller. It’s pretty much perfect! But, we decided to take it to the next level for summertime, so we created a Limited-Edition formula with a new cocktail of high performance actives that give the classic formula a little bit of a kick. We wanted something that was perfect for summer: for heat, for sun exposure, and for keeping our skin glowy, soft and refreshed despite getting barraged by wind, salt water, pollution, sunscreen, etc etc.

Meet the Soothing Apricot Resurfacing Mask, which we like to say is a “tall glass of water for the skin”. It literally feels that good!

We added a cocktail of Apricot Stem Cells and Coconut Water to this mask, both of which have fantastic benefits for skin in summer months.

Apricot Stem cells add powerful anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits; this ingredient reduces redness, promotes an even tone and boosts skin tolerance. It does this by acting at two different levels of the skin’s inflammatory system in the dermis and epidermis, to fight back the inflamed elements and promote calmness. (Note: Skin tolerance is an important thing in the summer, when we’re all maximizing outdoors-time. It really means that your skin is strong and resilient, and less prone to detrimental effects caused by environmental factors like those listed above. Strong skin looks better for longer, while weak or compromised skin shows its age sooner.)

Coconut Water is a drink that we all love to guzzle at the beach, but the skin loves to drink it up too; it quenches dehydration and adds a burst of high performance hydration. It also helps to preserve moisture in the skin, and decreases skin roughness, and boosts cellular renewal. In a nutshell: ultimate skin refreshment!

May we recommend that you pop this Mask in the fridge 30 minutes before you want to use it? When cooled, the Mask will feel even better, instantly refreshing and calming the skin after a hot day. Delish! The base formula of this Mask is the same as our classic Resurfacing Mask, which works like a traditional peel to provide an instant solution for dull skin – without causing downtime or irritation. It delivers instant glow, minimizes the appearance of pores and improves texture, making it the perfect easy Mask treatment for just before a night out.

Check it out here! 

Love your Apricot Mask? Be sure to take a photo of it on Instagram and tag us @tataharper. If we love it, we’ll re-gram it! ;)

Your New Favorite Beauty Set… Purely Powerful!
News   //  06/17/14

It’s finally here: a neat and tidy, 100% natural skincare travel set that covers all of the basics for fresh, glowing, balanced skin – and nothing more.

Our Purely Powerful: Best of Natural Skincare Set has travel sizes of our best-sellers and hero products; the 4 that no matter how hard we try, we just cannot live without.

We feel that the quote from Tata that’s printed on the top of the box says it all:

“After just one use, skin looks as though you’ve spent a day at the spa. These are my essentials for gorgeous, glowing skin.” xoxo Tata

So, what’s inside?

1: The Regenerating Cleanser. As many of you may know, the Regenerating Cleanser is a creamy formula with a bright citrus cent and microspherical apricot seed powder beads that bring the important element of physical exfoliation to your routine, to buff away dead skin cells and prep the skin to receive your rejuvenating treatment. It’s our go-to cleanser for a healthy glow, and it leaves the skin looking radiant literally in just one use; that’s because it doesn’t contain soaps or sulfates, and it preserves that essential moisture barrier that makes skin look lush and plump.

2: The Rejuvenating Serum, our antiaging magician of a treatment. Its formula is a cocktail of 29 high-performance ingredients that fight the signs of aging by promoting the three main types of collagen, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with muscle-relaxing neuropeptide technology. Its silky formula sinks right in to begin working its magic.

3: The Repairative Moisturizer. This rich moisturizer is lightweight enough to leave the skin feeling soft and refreshed, not heavy or clogged. Powered by humectants like raw honey and Hyaluronic Acid, this moisturizer promotes that youthful cushion and promotes overall skin strength, resilience and balance.

4: The Resurfacing Mask. This cult favorite (is it fair of us to say that? It’s true!) flies off the shelves every summer because it gives you that glow like no other. Its refreshing, bright formula that includes grapefruit and pomegranate enzymes to thoroughly detoxify and beet extract to help preserve moisture also reduces redness and breakouts with Willow Bark, a natural source of salicylic acid. It dries clear and it leaves the skin looking radiantly happy.

And the best part? It’s 100% natural, nontoxic, and handcrafted with love in Vermont. That, and it’s $48.00, with a value of $75.00

We’re so happy to introduce to you this set! I encourage you to check it out. I think you’ll love it. Enjoy!

Explore Purely Powerful

Tata Harper Spa News – Introducing Blackberry Farm!
News   //  05/13/14

Nestled deep in the forests and fields of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee is a sprawling, 4,200 acre estate. At first glance, it appears to be perhaps a charming, well-kept farm,  but in fact, it’s Blackberry Farm, a bucolic, utopian haven of peace and tranquility and one of the top rated properties and intimate luxury hotels in the world.

Everything about Blackberry Farm is steeped in the rich history of the southern landscape, yet its polished, graceful and modern. It’s over 70 years old, and prioritizes the things that we agree are the best in life: great food, great company, and restorative escapes from the buzz of city life.

Photographs of the Thomas Keller Event at the new Blackberry Farm Barn.

Why are we involved? Well, Blackberry Farm has a complete offering of spa services, and we are so excited to announce that Tata Harper Spa services will be included as a new product line offered in The Wellhouse at Blackberry Farm, starting this summer! We are so happy to be part of the beautiful experiences that they are offering to visitors (who come from all over the world).

We wanted a little bit of insider information about Blackberry Farm, so we asked Sam Beall, the estate’s proprietor, for some deets. Below is our interview! 

What’s one thing that a visitor to Blackberry Farm can expect to experience, that they wont’ find anywhere else? 

A sense of place, where the people the cuisine and the activities all reflect this unique part of Tennessee.

What’s your favorite place to go or be within Blackberry Farm? 


What’s your favorite part of a Blackberry Farm spa experience? 

Getting a deep tissue massage – especially after strenuous exercise.

What’s one interesting thing to know about the area or land surrounding Blackberry Farm? 

It’s all protected.

What was your absolute most favorite dining experience so far at Blackberry Farm; what was on the menu? 

They’ve all been s0 different, but I would have to say that the most exciting experience I have had so far is the moment where I find myself wondering what the next meal will be.




Have any questions about Blackberry Farm’s Spa Services, or hotel in general?

Here is their website – – or you can give them a ring at (865) 984-8166!

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