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Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Eye Mask

Introducing the Boosted Contouring Eye Mask

We are so thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of our SuperNatural Collection: the Boosted Contouring Eye Mask. This Mask is the first SuperNatural product to launch since the core trio of serums launched in 2013, and we think it’s the perfect addition, as it targets one of the first areas to show dramatic signsMore…

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Tata Harper in her Vermont Garden

Early Summer in the Tata Harper Garden

After a seemingly endless winter and chilly spring, the garden at our Tata Harper Headquarters is finally in full swing. Early June is an exciting time: our annual flowers and herbs are taking root, and the lush, verdant scenery of hills and forests are as green as they can be. We grow as many ofMore…

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Tata Harper's #CleanerShave Giveaway!

#CLEANERSHAVE Father’s Day Giveaway

Shaving cream: it’s one of those staples that’s so basic, so boring, so ubiquitous, it’s taken for granted. Who knows what’s in that aerosol can, or that squeeze-tube? Furthermore, who cares? Well, we do – that’s because we’re in the business of making personal care products that challenge the conventional wisdom that natural doesn’t work andMore…

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Meet Our Mother’s Day Muses: Maria Certain

Maria Certain has been one of the guiding stars for Tata Harper Skincare because, well, she’s Tata’s mother! As an effortlessly glamorous entrepreneur who balanced a successful career with raising three girls (Tata and her sisters Claudia and Carolina) in Colombia, Maria set an inspiring example for Tata – and all of us. We’re soMore…

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Meet Our Mother’s Day Muses: Jessie Randall

Tucked into a charming Park Slope home is a bright, busy family of three young boys and at the helm is Jessie Randall, founder and creative director of Loeffler Randall, and her husband Brian who’s CEO. (If you haven’t taken a gander through their gorgeous and practical shoe and bag collection, well, you’re welcome.) Join us as weMore…

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