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Meet Our Mother’s Day Muses: Maria Certain

Maria Certain has been one of the guiding stars for Tata Harper Skincare because, well, she’s Tata’s mother! As an effortlessly glamorous entrepreneur who balanced a successful career with raising three girls (Tata and her sisters Claudia and Carolina) in Colombia, Maria set an inspiring example for Tata – and all of us. We’re soMore…

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Meet Our Mother’s Day Muses: Jessie Randall

Tucked into a charming Park Slope home is a bright, busy family of three young boys and at the helm is Jessie Randall, founder and creative director of Loeffler Randall, and her husband Brian who’s CEO. (If you haven’t taken a gander through their gorgeous and practical shoe and bag collection, well, you’re welcome.) Join us as weMore…

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Meet Our Mother’s Day Muses: Heather Mycoskie

Have you noticed these adorable new TOMS classics bouncing around your Pinterest feed yet? That charming rhino print isn’t meaningless; it was created in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund to support conservation efforts that protect rhinos, which are becoming increasingly endangered in parts of Asia. The heart and mind behind this initiative are those ofMore…

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Jamie Rosen

Meet Our Mother’s Day Muses: Jamie Rosen

Jamie Rosen, Beauty Director at Town & Country Magazine (oh, it’s your favorite magazine, too?!), is a woman we admire deeply and have been so lucky to get to know as we journey through the beauty industry together. A true New Yorker, Jamie is raising her little ones in the big apple while holding downMore…

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Dried Pineapple, Dates, Popcorn, Granola and Nuts

Healthy Snack Ideas from the Tata Harper Office

Whether it’s a salad, smoothie, carrot (or, let’s be honest, a bag of chips) – somebody is always snacking on something around here. I’m not sure whether it’s the brisk farm air or the fair distance we have to trot to and from the water fountain, but here at the Tata Harper offices, we’re snackingMore…

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