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Hey Look! We’re on NBC’s Today Show!

The 4th of July! We all love this holiday: an excuse to wear cheesy red white & blue hats, eat hodogs and strawberry shortcake with abandon, and never leave the backyard where the bowl of fruit salad is. At Tata Harper we had an extra-special Independence Day because Lilliana Vasquez of NBC’s TODAY SHOW picked us to be featured on their “The Best of American-Made Beauty Brands” – a special patriotic segment of their show focusing on beauty companies that make their products exclusively in the US. There’s a lot of businesses out there that outsource their manufacturing to wherever it’s cheapest, so Lilliana did the research and picked brands she loves that do it all here in the good old u-s-of-a.

Watch the clip below! Our Aromatic Bedtime Treatment is featured, which we are thrilled about because this amazing stuff doesn’t get nearly as much press and attention as it deserves – roll it onto your pulse points just before bed or rub it into your palms and inhale – instant relaxation, bringing sleep that much closer for those of us whose minds are still running full speed way past bed time.


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