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Committing to greening your beauty and wellness routines can definitely feel like a challenge, but what about tackling your wardrobe? At least for me, it feels like trimming my style purchases down to planet and people-friendly items only would limit my options in an extreme way. Where does one find the perfect eco-friendly pair of jeans or day dress, without spending hours searching online? It’s just so much easier to work with what’s available, at retail stores, the vast majority of which aren’t focusing on catering to the sustainability-conscious shopper… yet.

It’s exciting to stumble upon new stores and designers that are boldly entering the challenging world of creating clothes that are either made with eco-friendly materials, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, fair wages for the manufacturers themselves, or ideally all 3. Here’s an example of a line from the designer Kimberly Ovitz who took design inspiration from some of her best-selling pieces and created a line of more affordable basic style pieces for the modern woman that are all made from Tencel, a sustainable material.

O by Kimberly Ovitz. Image from Refinery29

Believe it or not, Tencel (also known as lyocell) is made from wood pulp from sustainable tree farms, and, by using a manufacturing process that somehow decomposes or recovers all emissions and solvents, turns the pulp into a fabric that is incredibly soft, has a flattering drape, and that absorbs moisture 50% better than cotton does, making it truly perfect hot-summer-day material. Plus, the fabric is fully biodegradable, antibacterial, durable, and wrinkle-resistant. Sounds ideal!

O by Kimberly Ovitz

You can see more pieces from her line, which debuted this past April 2012, on her site here. These pieces are all priced below $200, making them less than half the price of her typical fashions.

Do you have any eco-fashion brands or designers that you love? We’re always interested in learning more so that we can spread the word about sustainable fashion and learn more about the awesome and inspiring new technologies coming out that are making eco-friendly shopping a much more accessible reality for all of us who care.

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  1. T. 09/08/2012 at 11:24 pm #

    I read somewhere that even if the fabrics are organic, it still takes a lot of water (6 gallons? 15 gallons?) to make one T shirt. No matter how Eco friendly the fabrics are, it still takes a tremendous amount of water to produce one small item of clothing. There are no easy answers.

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