TH Company BBQ 2012: 1st Ever Anti-Aging Slip’n’Slide!
Events, Photos   //  07/19/12

Last Friday we closed up shop here at the TH headquarters a little early for our Summer 2012 Company Barbeque – it was a scorcher, with temps climbing all the way to 96! So we sought the nearby shady respite of a humongous porch where cold beverages and yummy snacks were plentiful. It was quite an event, complete with many games of Volleyball, a high-stakes ping-pong competition, grass-fed hamburgers galore and even a bonfire to keep the mosquitoes at bay as soon as the sun went down.

And yes, you read the title correctly – there was in fact a Slip’n’Slide event featuring our very own Rejuvenating Serum as the Slippy element! No, we did not waste gallons of perfectly good serum: the serum we used was a little old so we weren’t planning on selling it and had been keeping it stored just for this very purpose. And what a blast it was, see pictures below!

Proof of a hard worker! Amid the festivities, Kori makes the deadline!

Andrew, our master chef


Our beloved Amy with her beautiful daughter Kenyon! Ping pong champs!

the Ping Pong competition heats up


And now for the Slip'n'Slide - Kori prepares!

Jon headfirst!

The thoroughly Angi-aged group - no wrinkles for us!


Kori & Lani, always all smiles. Their shirts read "I <3 My Job"

What a great day and what a great group! If only the entire Tata Harper team were there – we were missing a few key players due to traveling, including Tata herself. Until next time!


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